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How often does a DPF have to be cleaned?
The lifecycle of a PDF largely depends on whether the vehicle is used for short or long drives. During short drives, the system is not permanently subjected to temperatures resulting in an optimal combustion of residue. Cleaning is only required when the counter pressure in the filter increases. This is displayed by the system. The engine can then lose power and change over to emergency operation mode.
How do I send my filter to FilterMaster DPF?
You pack your filter so it is shatterproof based on the type of packaging shown in the image below. If you do not want to send us the filter yourself, we can do it for you. The packaged filter is collected and returned to you after cleaning. You do not have to do anything.
How often can a filter be cleaned?
The cleaning cycles are not the determining factor. No cleaning-related signs of wear and tear were identified in previous tests. The operational performance of the filter is crucial. Like everything else, a filter is a wear part, albeit a very durable one
What standards are in place?
There are different standards for cars, lorries and construction machinery: EURO 1, EURO 2, EURO 3, EURO 4, EURO 5, EEV, EURO 6 and TIER 3 and TIER 4 for construction machinery. These standards relate to continually improved technology to prevent air pollution caused by fine dust. Fine dust refers to particles that are smaller than the ten thousandth part of a millimetre. These particles are respirable and can lead to serious respiratory diseases. Here information from the German Federal Environmental Office on emission standards and norms.
How do I obtain information on troubleshooting problems or on adjustment work or programming work after installation?
You will find information on troubleshooting problems or on adjustment work or programming work after installation in the following PDF documents, which are offered for download:

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