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FilterMaster for cars

The cleaning process FilterMaster for cars is a joint development of mycon GmbH with its sister company Kipp Umwelttechnik GmbH.

New cleaning process

Our new purification process with compressed air. An active ingredient aerosol is placed in the filter. Contact with the catalytic surface of the filter produces a chemical reaction which due to the generation of gas, among other things, expels the remaining dirt particles from the filter. The cleaning process takes about 5 to 10 minutes per filter. This is followed by a brief drying process at a low temperature. Because the particulate filter is not burned, it does not cause damage to the filter. “FilterMaster for cars” works with purified compressed air. An active component Aerosol is added. The active component is non-toxic and apart from the unpleasant taste even drinkable. After all findings and experiences there is no damage on the catalytic surfaces.

FilterMaster for cars - Anlage

FilterMaster for trucks and more

The cleaning process FilterMaster for trucks and more is a development of mycon GmbH.

Cleaning process – CO2/dry snow

The filter is air-cleaned with CO2. In the process, ash and soot residue is embrittled and mechanically separated from the surfaces, shredded and removed from the filter.

FilterMaster for trucks and more - Anlage