Filter cleaning for shipsCleaning of exhaust systems for ships and locomotives!

Low-cost cleaning with the FilterMaster DPF process!

In the EU, limits have been imposed on the emissions of ships since 2006. In some cases, soot filters have already been installed in this area. Tighter limits are expected to follow. The group of companies FilterMaster DPF offers low-cost cleaning for these filters. In some cases, the filters can be cleaned while still installed. The resulting saving on time can lead to considerable cost benefits.

Filter cleaning for locomotivesCleaning of diesel particulate filters in locomotives

Many locomotives, mainly those used for local transportation, are powered by diesel engines. Locomotives are made-to-last assets due to their high purchase price. Many locomotives are therefore equipped with retrofitted soot filters. The group of companies FilterMaster DPF offers comprehensive cleaning solutions for these filters. The size of the filter is of secondary importance. Even very large filters are easily adapted to the cleaning process.

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