Prices for the Cleaning of Particulate Filters and Catalysts – Cars & Vans up to 3.5t (all models)

Private customers:

  • Soot particulate filter € 218.61 excl. VAT and excl. Transport
  • External catalytic converter € 45.00 excl. VAT and excl. Transport
  • Removal of components (sensors) by us 15.00 € excl. VAT per piece

Garages: Please ask us about our conditions for garages or larger cleaning quantities!
The price includes:

  • Filter cleaning,
  • Input and output test with documentation (weight check, counter-pressure measurement, endoscopic examination),

If the cleaning of the soot filter or cat is not possible due to damage (for example, housing damage), we will charge you no costs! If you are interested in particle filter cleaning, please contact us via E-Mail at We need to know the following information:

    1. Manufacturer and model of your car,
    2. mileage (in miles or kilometers, please indicate which unit of measurement you use)
    3. Time and date when the DPF is ready for collection.