van filter cleaningLorry & van filter cleaning!

FilterMaster for trucks and more cleans filters of all designs, sizes and materials.

The group of companies FilterMaster DPF cleans soot filters of lorries with a retrofitted soot filter, an installed catalytic converter or a soot filter already installed by the manufacturer. This relates to retrofitted vehicles types in class EURO 2 + 3, EURO 4 (SCR technology) as well as soot filters already installed by the manufacturer as per standard EUR 5 + 6. EURO      EURO    EURO      EURO 1               2-3        4-5               6 DPF      EEV         Tier-4 Even catalytic converters actually designed for a long service life may be impaired by oilings and blockages. FilterMaster DPF also offers cleaning solutions for this.

Cleaning of diesel particulate filters in vansCleaning of diesel particulate filters in vans

Diesel particulate filters for vans mainly consist of ceramic with a precious metal coating. For these filters, the group of companies FilterMaster DPF employs the mycon cleaning process “FilterMaster for trucks and more” or the brand new mycon cleaning process “FilterMaster for cars”. Both processes clean quickly, efficient and affordably.

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