The cooperative association FilterMaster DPF has established itself rapidly in the field of diesel particle filter cleaning for passenger cars / transporters and in the meanwhile, it claims the leadership in this field of proven process quality and price towards the previous procedures with the established separation of the particle filter housings. For other cleaning procedures, such as, the thermal cleaning, this separation requires the welding of the joints. Then, the housing must be abrasively blasted in order to avoid rust formation on the joints. Any welding of joints will always result with a weakening of the housing of the soot particle filter. We also do not know any proven facts regarding the quality of the welding in this field.

The new particulate filter cleaning system “FilterMaster for cars” has been developed by the company Kipp Umwelttechnik GmbH in cooperation with its sister company mycon GmbH (mechanical engineering in the field of cleaning, coating removal, and coating) in a co-operation with universities and government support during four years. Kipp Umwelttechnik was founded in 1991 and has gained experience in the whole industrial cleaning area both in the national and international area. “FilterMaster for cars” is nationally and internationally available only for selected companies, using the same test equipment and additionally exchange the quality assurance.

The cooperation company FilterMaster DPF has car mechanic master craftsmen with expert knowledge in the exhaust technology and would be glad to give you advice, if needed.

At the beginning, the cooperation company offered a temporary price of EUR 296.77 to all customers for the cleaning of soot particle filters for passenger cars / transporters until 31.03. 2016. The price includes transportation and VAT. The rapid acceptance on the market leads to a high number of pieces for “FilterMaster for cars”. We would like to thank our customers for their trust in us. Therefore, the national cooperation company for separation-free particle filter cleaning has agreed to continuously leave the national special price EUR 296.77 incl. transportation costs / VAT for private customers.

FilterMaster DPF also wins new customers in the field of the diesel particle filter cleaning for trucks, buses, other vehicles, motors with particle filters. It was possible to further improve the proven CO2 cleaning procedure of the company mycon GmbH in regards to cleaning speed and quality. This would enable us to considerably reduce the cleaning prices. Please request our quotation, if required.
Also in this field, we will continue to work towards absolutely reproducible fully automated solutions, as can already be found in the procedure “FilterMaster for cars”.