The CO2 cleaning system “FilterMaster” for lorries and trucks as well as large vehicles and machines

The CO2 cleaning system “FilterMaster” for lorries and trucks as well as large vehicles and machines contributes towards the reduction of pollutants in the Turkish metropolitan region – Further systems are already being planned. Bielefeld 25.08.2015. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, and is a metropolitan urban area for many inhabitants and industrial branches. 15 million people live in the Istanbul region. Istanbul is facing an increase in traffic and a rise in mass motorization. This presents the city with enormous challenges with regards to pollution (e.g. fine particles). Turkey is introducing similar standards to Germany with regards to exhaust particle filters for diesel vehicles. However, cleaning exhaust particle filters has been carried out up to now in a rather antiquated and basic manner, with a high-pressure cleaner for example. This will change in the near future. The Turkish company RHEATEC TEKNOLOJI AS has invested in the purchase of a CO2 cleaning system “FilterMaster for trucks and more” supplied by the Bielefeld company mycon GmbH. The first system will already go into operation in Istanbul this month.

Oliver Kipp, mycon GmbH managing director: “We have already been able to extend the market for our filter cleaning systems to five countries. Amongst others, we supplied systems to Holland and the Czech Republic in 2014. We are happy that we are contributing towards a reduction of pollutants in Turkey with our innovative systems and are therefore improving quality of life in large cities. “ The CO2 cleaning systems are already being successfully operated both nationally and internationally. Stainless steel sinter metal filters as well as all types of ceramic filters are being cleaned. Jens Kipp adds: “This also extends as far as ship or locomotive filters and other large vehicles or machines. We are in no means restricted as far as our cleaning systems are concerned.” Various specialized jet sprays are used to regenerate the metal and ceramic surfaces with certain pressurized carbon dioxide mixtures as well as, in part, with other industrial gases. The entire filter surface is run over in a controlled way, depending on the type of filter, and more than 90% of the original carbon residue is removed. Any type of filter can be precisely and exactly worked on in a controlled and repeatable process. Almost any type of filter can be inserted, and even older designs of angular filters can be regenerated. The mycon cleaning process for FilterMaster offers a very short cleaning time with a gentle treatment method for the filters. This has already been proven in examinations carried out in collaboration with the University of Paderborn. RHEATEC TEKNOLOJI AS is planning to operate three systems of this type in Turkey. A second system for southern Turkey is already at a concrete planning stage. Three new “FilterMaster for cars” systems should also be added. These systems clean the exhaust particle filters of passenger vehicles within a few minutes, without detaching supply and discharge lines. This applies to all types of passenger vehicle exhaust particle filters of any overall length. In future, mycon’s “FilterMaster” units will therefore also ensure a clean environment and a reduction in required fuel quantities in Turkey. RHEATEC TEKNOLOJI AS also plans to use further environmentally friendly systems of mycon GmbH, for example JetMaster and PowerMaster, at the beginning of next year in Turkey.