Automated cleaning of car exhaust particulate filters without filter separation and rinse processes!

Bielefeld 08.09.2015. The cost of driving and logistics on the road is slowly but surely on the rise. Therefore, people are increasingly looking for ways to save money. The cleaning of blocked diesel soot particulate filters (DPF) instead of replacing the filters makes for savings of up to a few thousand Euro. mycon GmbH and its sister company Kipp Umwelttechnik have now made their new products, the filter cleaning system “FilterMaster for cars” ready for series production and the process is being marketed internationally. The process has already been patented nationally as well as internationally

DPF cleaning system "FilterMaster for cars"

DPF cleaning system “FilterMaster for cars”

The prices for the new purchase of an exhaust particulate filter for cars range between €1,000 and €4,500. A DPF cleaning using the process “FilterMaster for cars” guarantees a cleaning outcome for a low three-digit amount that practically restores the filter to its original state provided the filter was not damaged beforehand. The cleaning procedure only takes 5 – 10 minutes per filter. This is then followed by a shorter drying process at a low temperature. Since the usual burning out of the filter at high temperatures does not occur, the filter is not subject to any damage (sintering). Oliver Kipp, Managing Director of mycon GmbH states: “Quality and economic efficiency of our cleaning process are sound. Since no separating and welding work is required, the entire housing including the piping is not impaired. “There is also no need to sandblast the housing, which due to the welds required after separating the housing was indispensable in previous conventional filter cleaning. The welds would otherwise corrode. The separation of the housing and the blasting work also impair the housing. The resulting roughening of the housing surfaces due to the abrasive blasting also makes the housing susceptible to dirt and corrosion. These problems no longer exist once “FilterMaster for cars” is used. The process is also vastly different from cleaning systems which rinse filters by means of flushing with water-based or other chemicals. “FilterMaster for cars” works with cleaned compressed air, to which an active ingredient component in the region of per mill in the form of an aerosol is added for a short period. The active ingredient component is not poisonous and, apart from the unpleasant taste, can even be drank. According to all knowledge and experience, the possibility of damage to the catalytic converter surfaces by the active ingredient component is therefore ruled out. The process has existed as a prototype on the market since the beginning of the year and has cleaned a large number of filters through full automation. Proof of the innocuousness of the process on exhaust particulate filters was demonstrated, inter alia, by a procedural test designed by the University of Paderborn. Oliver Kipp: “Installations from the first series have already been ordered by several customers. In the near future “FilterMaster for cars” will be used by 3-4 companies in Germany and Holland at the same quality standard and price of filter cleaning. Two trained and competent master mechanics are available to advise on filter cleaning as and when required”.

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